The feeling of fulfilment in a musician’s life

Yesterday when I was driving back on the sunny coastal road back home I thought to myself that I had a moment of fulfilment as a musician that day. Mind you, it doesn’t happen that often because mostly I just feel bit tired from running to different classes, hearing music all the time in my head, preparing for lessons etc. But there are moments when you feel that what you do matters and that is actually fun and something you wouldn’t change at all. But cut to the chase, yesterday I had my normal office morning work, afterwards I had a rehearsal/lesson with violinist and her teacher during which we played through Vivaldi’s double violin Concerto, then I had to get home quickly to meet with a singer for whom I transposed 4 songs so it would suit his voice better. Thanks to that I finally learned one of the music writing programme – MuseScore and now I am quite good at it and it takes me less time to actually write something. After this I headed to school to have one of the last piano lessons during the summer school with a 5 year old girl who did a lot of progress during our 8 sessions and ended up to be a good and committed student. Having a 5 year old to learn a piano is not always easy but this time Emma was a perfect student. Actually interested in the piano and immensely enjoying the different songs and games we played throughout the summer. Then I got home for another lesson with my new adult student who is so committed that just after 2 lessons she decided to rent the piano. The way of teaching 5 year old and adult couldn’t be more different that’s why having these 2 lessons one after each other is so refreshing. After this I drove to Bugibba to take part in workshops at Atelier Lyrique where we are working on Mozart’s Cosi fan tutte as well as some operatic arias by Bellini, Puccini- just to name the few. The day couldn’t be more varied and gives me great pleasure and comfort to think that there is so many different things to do when you are a musician. There is never a dull moment and each of the things I did yesterday’s involves differ skills and preparation. I wish to have more days like this and always try to appreciate it.


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