Wine festivals

Before moving to Malta, I didn’t know that there are wines produced locally of a pretty good quality. Every summer there are few festivals promoting the two big makers of wine- Marsovin and Delicata. The first festival took place some time ago in Hastings Gardens in Valletta and as always was pretty crowded with all the wine enthusiasts. The second one will take place next week from 7-10 th August in Barrakka Gardens and I am looking forward to it as yet I haven’t attended the Delicata festival.

Lately, I also had a pleasure to attend wine tasting in a smaller wine state- Meridiana in Ta’Qali. They produce smaller quantities of wine and they are mainly sold to restaurant, so one can only find their wines while dinning or in more elegant shops. They emphasised that they do not sell wine to supermarkets;) Their wine was really good with the exceptional red one- Nexus which I would be happy to buy and taste at home at some point.

The other event that any wine enthusiast wouldn’t like to miss is the Qormi wine festival which usually takes place in the first week of September in the centre of the village. So far I attended it twice and it was also a great experience. unfortunately, this year I will be abroad so I have to give it a miss.



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