Enjoying the culinary pleasures in Malta

Sometimes I am too busy with work that I forget how fortunate I am to be living in Malta. Every time I have visitors over I go back to all the beautiful and important places on the island and enjoy it again. One other thing, are the culinary pleasures of living in a Mediterranean country where fresh veggies,fruits, fish and seafood are available all the time and the food can be really amazing. Here are few of the recent places I visited along with my friends and some of the great meals I had.

great lunch on Valletta's restaurant- Luciano

great lunch on Valletta’s restaurant- Luciano

Here some photos form quite a good meal in St. Thomas Bay in Marsascala.

pizza in Marsascala- St.Thomas Bay

pizza in Marsascala- St.Thomas Bay

salmon pasta

salmon pasta

IMG_20140706_194240a IMG_20140706_194247a

homemade tiramisu cupcakes

homemade tiramisu cupcakes

Another evening in SaReeGaMa. It seems to be so far our favourite Indian place on the island. Walking distance from where we live and in really nice surroundings.



IMG_20140708_203021a IMG_20140708_203026a

Here a shot form Happy Hour in MedAsia in Sliema.




One of my favourite coffee shops in Gozo- Rizzles… It can almost compete with the cream of the cream- Fontanella in Mdina. And it is half price. While being in Gozo for a weekend, we had to go 2 days in a row to have a chance to try more cakes;)

IMG_20140712_153953a IMG_20140713_154256a

Home-made dinner in Gozo farmhouse- Italian wine, avocado cold soup, tomato tuna mix and left over from ratatouille. Yummy:)All with local bread.






Another of my favourites in Gozo that I have mentioned here earlier in the blog but without pictures- The Boat house in Xlendi Bay.

IMG_20140714_135537a IMG_20140714_135742a IMG_20140714_135746a IMG_20140714_142314a IMG_20140714_142319a


Last but not least, home made sushi with fresh local tuna and salmon.




2 thoughts on “Enjoying the culinary pleasures in Malta

    • Thanks for the kind words. I will try to post more often but sometimes laziness takes over me;)Have a great time in the restaurants I mentioned, I personally think they are worth checking out!

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