No complaints about the World Cup equals good dinner?- Medasia Playa and Ali Baba

World Cup is in a full swing and although I do not have anything against football , watching every game, I repeat every game seems to me a bit too much. So in order to not get annoyed and whinny about my partner watching it, he suggested a Word Cup deal- he will take me to a nice restaurant every Friday night during world Cup, as a result I won’t say a world of complaint about him staring at the screen for the whole month. I agreed, I hope I didn’t give in too easily;)

So on first Friday, we went to Medasia Playa. I wrote about this place before and so far I didn’t have any complaints about it but unfortunately my partner did’t like it this time and I have to agree with him.

I ordered a starter of sushi and stir-fry which I tried before there and both of them were very tasty. Unfortunately, his dish was far from good. His spaghetti peperoncino was so tasteless that we had to send it off which also took ages. The service there is not quick, I have to say, even though they seem to have plenty of waiters working there. He ordered then a sushi starter which again wasn’t to his liking. So to sum up, the dinner wasn’t a success. I personally think that ordering Italian dish in a Asian restaurant is a complete waste of time and I would have never done it but anyhow, if the dish is on the menu, it supposed to be ok to order it but it wasn’t. On a good note, the drinks were lovely as always and we weren’t charged for the infamous spaghetti. I like Medasia Playa. It is a great place to have some small sushi and cocktails with the sea view but I wouldn’t order anything else from their menu and be prepared to wait a long time.

Next Friday we visited a place close to us which we sometimes passed on the way home- Ali Baba in Gzira. We booked the table in advance as it is a small restaurant with maybe 10-12 tables altogether. The menu has plenty of cold and warm starters, as well as main dishes and desserts. We decided to go with 3 starters each and the dessert , if we still had some appetite. The choice is quite vast but be aware, as they prepare everything fresh, not all the items on menu are available on the particular day. That was the case with our order. I think from the 6 starters we had in mind, only 2 were available and we had to choose different ones.

We ordered 2 different dips, halloumi, sausages, and 2 different types of falafel- vegetarian and fish one. All accompanied by home-made bread.

halloumin, dips and bread

halloumin, dips and bread

vegetarian falafel

vegetarian falafel

After our starters we still had some place left for desserts so we tried two different ones. Mine was delicious- chocolate ice-cream with a small fried raisin and nut pie, my boyfriend’s -not so much. It was the chocolate dessert based on semolina- not everybody’s cup of tea.

IMG_20140617_205918a IMG_20140617_205926a

I can fully recommend Ali Baba but be aware that it is not the cheapest place to eat. Each starter costs between 4- 7 euros and you need few to fill you up. The main courses are quite expensive and I feel like trying few starters instead of one big main course is more exciting and interesting. I will definitely be back there and try the ones which weren’t available on that day.

Next Friday- new restaurant to check out and I am looking forward to writing about it soon.


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