Dingli Cliffs and Laferla Cross

Dingli Cliffs is always a great place to go to see a nice view. Recently in Malta we heard a lot about it due to the almost Romeo& Juliet tragedy which happened lately and resulted in a death of young girl and her boyfriend/ teacher being accused of committing the murder.

Nevertheless, cliffs are magnificent and the view from there leaves you speechless. We went to one of the sticking rocky bit and admired the landscape.

IMG_20140418_150232a IMG_20140418_150330a IMG_20140418_150404 IMG_20140418_150534

After that, we went to see Laferla Cross and as it was just before the Easter we saw the preparation towards the illuminated pilgrimage to this particular place where the chapel is situated form Siggewi.

IMG_20140418_152813 IMG_20140418_153008 IMG_20140418_153156

The spot offers a magnificent view of the island, almost 360 degrees one and is even better that the usual best of best spot on Mdina walls.


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