Two shows in a row

At the end of the week, I went to 2 shows in a row and I cannot even start to describe how different they were.

First one, on Thursday night was an opera by Mozart La Clemenza di Tito which was such a greet performance. This opera in 2 acts had two cast and was happy to go on its opening night as one of my friends was taking part as the main heroine- Andriana Yordanova plus a lot of people I have privilege to work with at TMYO were part of the choir. It makes such a difference  for me when I go to watch and can recognise the cast or musicians which can make even the dullest performance more interesting. But it wasn’t the case this time as the opera itself was really interesting and performed very well and I didn’t feel bored at all. I know it can sound strange sounding form the pianist who currently woks most with opera singers and play the opera arias, I get a bit bored during the long operas, sort of my attention drifts away after the 2-3 act …What helps a lot are the subtitles which were provided at this event in Teatru Manuel. I read the libretto beforehand so I know what to expect but it really makes it easier and more engaging to watch it understanding every aria and every recitative. The one of the parts was sang by countertenor which was a bit disturbing in the first place but once you got used the fact that the male character sings in the female voice, you start to enjoy the opera more. And I have to admit that  David Hansen had a great agility to his voice and nice sound , the only thing that was a bit weird is that he was all the time looking down, not too to the public or his singer companion. I am not sure if it was just mine impressions as I sat at the gallery-4 flights above or it was the same from the 1st tier.

Overall, I really enjoyed the opera. The next day I booked two tickets to a play called Adult Entertainment. Two shows couldn’t be different form each other not only the plot but the quality of the actual performance itself. The play supposed to be funny and it was but in a sort of a clingy way. It made me laugh but I wasn’t sure if I am that amused or it’s laughter of out stupidity of the whole plot and acting itself which was a bit like from the soap operas. Not that I am a fan and watch them;) One of the downsides of watching a play in the evening in St. James Cavalier is that there is no bar to even have a glass of water during the interval. And believe me after the first half of this play,we needed something stronger than water and headed to the closest restaurant for a quick drink.

Anyway, it was good to be able to see different performances and I am always happy to go and support artists, like I hope people support me when I am performing even if sometimes the event itself can be a bit of a let down.


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