Update on my adventures 8

February approached quickly and surprisingly the weather is not too bad for this time of the year , therefore it gave us a chance to spend some time outdoors. So here are first 2 weeks of February in a nutshell.

1. Malta can be green! People do not know that as normal tourists rarely come in February which is to be honest the worst month of the year. It can be cold, windy with blood rains- bringing the red sand from Sahara which makes everything, well “bloody”. This year the weather is not as cold as last year and thanks to the rain, everything is green.


view from Bahrija


fields as seen from Bahrija


on the way to the Chadwick Lake


as much as I could see- Malta has a lake:)


We tried to get to Chadwick Lake but the road leading to it was blocked and we ended in the dead end , so eventually we just drove past. The only photo was taken from the car, therefore not so good…

Then we headed to Bahrija where we sat in the sun on the main square.

in of the main bars/restaurants on the square

in of the main bars/restaurants on the square

Here life goes slowly, people gather in the sun and observe . Ideal place to forget that you are in busy Malta. Plus a lot of friendly dogs…

Other good place for a pint is Buggiba, but here the crowd was imposing. We had a drink and waited an hour  to make an order. After finishing drinks,  we weren’t hungry any more and left quickly. Pub Victoria- not recommended….


2. In February we had a 2nd anniversary of moving to Malta. Now I can officially say that Malta is the foreign country I have lived the longest. Even in Ireland I didn’t manage to stay 2 years- I got to 20 months I guess, and when working on the cruise ships, although I was abroad all the time, I haven’t been that long in one place.

We went to Indian restaurant Garam Masala  in Ta’ Xbiex to celebrate.

IMG_20140207_215103a IMG_20140207_215116a

I have problems to review and judge the Indian restaurants here in Malta. They are all ok but…Exactly, there is usually nothing special there, dishes are overpriced and I tend to get a feeling I would prepare it better and cheaper at home. So even though,we tried to find the one that could beat or at least compare to our favourite Konkan from Dublin, we haven’t succeeded yet. Garam Masala was again fine but the price of Peshwari naan -almost 7 euros which was just 1.5 less than the main dish is too much for me…

I am still trying to cook and I am mostly inspired by several food blogs I follow and Nigella’s books as well.

garam masala curry with black rice

garam masala curry with black rice


tomato and chickpea cream soup with sesame seeds


chocolate crinkles

3. February is also a month when usually get sick. I am not sure if it is the combination of cold house and cold school, then sun during the day, ac in the car but needless to say again I am trying to overcome some sort of cold. Two weeks ago it made me speechless which as you can imagine is not the best when you have to teach. I managed to recover last week, and this week again something is starting to tickle my throat. Really annoying!

4. February is also a month of concerts. This week on 15th if you have chance to be in Gozo, you can have a pleasure of listening to TMYO in Love in Hotel Kempinsky. I am part of TMYO but I won’t be participating in this particular concert but nevertheless I can reccomedn it a lot.On the other hand, I will be accompanying a talented baritone in Young  Artist Series concert on 22nd February in Sliema. If you do not have any plan for that Saturday, come and enjoy a classical concert of voice, piano and guitar pieces.


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