Saying goodbye to long-owned things…

It may sound weird to say goodbye to material objects but sometimes they play an important part in one’s life.  Lately I had to come to terms that two of things I had for many years had to go away.  One of them was my upright piano. I received it when I went to Music Conservatory to study piano full-time . It replaced my old and a bit deaf Calisia upright piano.  It was old German piano from a small manufacture with beautiful, almost grand piano sound.  It survived all my practicing towards diploma and other concerts, rehearsals with my piano trio, singers and other musicians friends.  I also managed to take it with me when I moved- 2 times and finally it ended up in my mum’s country house.  It didn’t like being moved and as a reply lost some of it sound and pieces of wood started to fall off.  We tried to repair it as much as we could but I wasn’t around to play on it-I was working on the ships then, later I moved to Ireland and now I am in Malta – so it suffered from not being used.  We decided with my mum that we should sell it and give it a chance to have a second life with someone who would be able to use.  I cannot imagine it transporting it all the way to Malta, so it was settled and last week we finally found a buyer. It was  sold for a fraction of its worth but due to repair work which it needs, I guess it was a fair price at this moment. Since I moved abroad I have really missed playing the normal, upright or grand piano. I play it at the school where I accompany or at the concerts but not having it in your own house is a big downside for me. Nothing can really replace the real sound, even the most top-end digital pianos. I was forced to buy a good digital piano when I moved to Dublin as it wasn’t possible to fit the normal size piano in a rented apartment. Now in Malta, it would be more possible, as I have more space but still when you are renting a flat, you have to think about your neighbors and landlord and I am not sure they could stand the sound of the piano more than they do now. At least now I can plug in my headphones and then I practice in silence. Just clicking of the keys can tell you that I am playing. The other downside of having the real piano is tuning and in Malta I would have to do it more frequently as the humidity is quite high throughout the year and pianos do not like that at all. I am looking forward to a moment when I will be able to get a real piano, maybe in my own rented space at some point…
The other thing is my car- the one who survived me learning how to drive on the wrong-left side of the road and also it managed to get us across the whole Europe with tons of luggage and piano inside when we moved to Malta. My old Vauxhall Corsa was starting to get worse and worse and not really reliable and I felt that it was the time to replace it. I am quite amazed how quickly I managed to go through all the paperwork- bank loan( thank you HSBC), insurance and registration ( it took longer that it should due to the fact that they have sent the new logbook to wrong address ) and ended up with a much younger car- smart passion in just a week. Now I am getting used to driving in automatic and looking forward to summer to drive without the top.

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