Sunday market in Ta’ Qali

Last Sunday we went for a drive so I could work on my driving skills.  My new/old  car is automatic so I have to get used to the fact to not use my left foot and try to change the gear which is not needed.  We went into direction of Ta’Qali were usually on Saturday there is Farmer’s market.  We hoped this would be the ideal place to practice some maneuvers.  When we were approaching the normally empty market place, the traffic started to get more dense.  We looked puzzled at each other’s- what was going on there, we thought.  Soon we got an answer to our question. To our amazement we found out that on Sunday afternoon there is a regular or sort of flea market going on there. It took us 2 years to figure out. you always discover something new in Malta.  So instead of practicing driving we walked around and checked our many stalls.  For just 10 euros that what I bought:
So next Sunday, I know where I should head to get more cheap books and some bits and pieces. And practising manoeuvres had to wait to getting Dingli Cliffs;)

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