Grey sky which doesn’t depress you that much…

On Sunday when I woke up I almost thought that I am back in Ireland.  The sky was grey and it felt like afternoon… Fortunately that type of feeling you can get here only at the end of January and in February, so it is not as depressing as the whole year in Ireland. The other positive is that even though it looks like is chilly outside, you go out and  you can still feel relatively warm breeze . Also early in the year all the vegetables and citrus fruits can be harvested again.  You can buy young and tiny onions, potatoes, aubergines, courgettes etc.  The whole island is green again and it is a pleasure to drive in the countryside. Last week we had a friend over who we successfully convinced to move to Malta and he’ll be joining us in late February.  We took him for a drive in the north and he couldn’t believe that although Malta is one of the most densely populated countries you can still see so much green space.  And also that you don’t feel like it is such a tiny island at all.  We heard that we soon will get bored in Malta and will have a feeling of being trapped as the island is so small but to be honest soon it will be two years since we have moved there and I don’t think we felt that .  Of course, there are moments that you would like to get away from here but I am pretty sure I would feel the same if I would be still living in Ireland or Poland .  The only downside is that here you cannot just drive and cross the border… But with the cheap flights the world is open.
The school 2nd term is in full swing.  Yesterday I played with band and choir Queen Medley for the certificate presentation and it was so much fun.  I’m really happy that I can play and work with different types of music which pushes me beyond my comfort zone.  One of my students  passed ABRSM 6th grade and is now thinking about approaching the grade 8 in the future which means I will have to be able to play and explain his pieces.  It makes me quite excited to learn some new repertoire and it is a good motivation also.  Shostakovitz’s prelude and fugue and the opening piece-prelude from Debussy’s Suite bergamesque are not the easiest pieces so I am happy to be challenged.
The other things I am looking forward to is our 2nd anniversary of being here in Malta which hopefully will be celebrated in one of our favourite places Rafaello in Spinola Bay.  Also, with TMYO we’re going to have our 2nd performance for Valentine’s Day at Kempinsky Hotel in Gozo,so almost like performing abroad;)
I’m also currently thinking about changing my car as last week at least twice I had smoke coming out of it which is not good at all.  So fingers crossed if everything with my plan goes well….

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