Update on my adventures 7

Lately I am not always able to update the blog as often as I would like to and instead of the adventures-visiting places,  I am encountering the everyday adventures of working;) It has been around 5 weeks since the school year has started and I have to say I am quite knackered.. Fortunately now I am enjoying my well deserved mid term break and dolce farniente for one more day.
Currently I’m accompanying singers twice a week in a public school, accompanying at the ballet twice a week and teaching piano for other 2 days not too mention my morning job which I sometimes can do at home and occasionally I have to show up at the office. All in all, it has been busy and I need to organise better to make sure I can fit some more quality practice time.
It all means I haven’t had time lately to discover Malta more as even on Sundays I had to schedule some lessons for the students taking exams in November.
The weather is still pretty good here although we can all feel that summer is gone as it has been raining quite heavily lately. On the positive side , I am a proud owner of the cat, the one I used to cat sit couple of times this year:-)

Hopefully, now that my Sundays are free again, I will try to go out instead of staying in so I will have some inspiration for the future posts.


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