Opera in Gozo

On the sister island of Malta- Gozo there are two theatres in Victoria (capital of Gozo) which are quite famous from their opera productions. Aurora Theatre and Astra Theatre are situated on the same street within 50 meters distance. This year Aurora was hosting a performance of Falstaff by Verdi and two weeks later, there was a performance of Otello by Verdi in Astra Theatre. I had a chance to see the premiere night of the latter. As the operas are quite scarce in Malta, there are 2-3 performances in a good year, the prices of the tickets are usually pretty high starting from 50 EUR. Not too mention that just getting to Gozo can be a bit expensive too. But this time I was lucky to get a special ticket because I am part of the Youth Opera in Malta and thanks to that I went to see the show quite cheaply.
The performance was very good. The talented cast of local and international singers with accompaniment by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra along with interesting scene design was really worth seeing. I guess it’s different in Malta where people are supposed to know Italian that there weren’t any subtitles. It is something I would expect in any opera theatre where opera is performed in the language which is different than their native one. The other downside was our seats. As an owner of a student ticket I didn’t expect to get some brilliant seats but nevertheless I didn’t think I’ll be seating in the last row on the balcony. The position of the seats wasn’t too bad although they were wooden and not very comfortable. The people around were worse. The balcony was reserved for students… Don’t get me wrong, it is great when young people go to the opera but they have to realise that they should behave in a proper way. No to being15 minutes late and taking your seat loudly, no to eating chips and slurping the drinks, no to checking out your FB all the time and annoying the audience with your phone light… Oww, I can see I am mostly complaining here but I really think it is so unfair towards all the people involved in the production. No respect for their hard work… I managed to seat in the box after the interval and thanks to that I enjoyed the second put of the performance more.
All in all, it was a good night but it took such a long time. I got back home around 1.30 am and I left Malta at 6pm so go figure.





2 thoughts on “Opera in Gozo

  1. I hate going to the movies for the reasons you mentioned. I get so tired of having to put up with rude , obnoxious people..once l had someone ask me in a full theater if l wouldn’t mind switching seats so he could seat next to his girlfriend..this 10 minutes after the movie started and l would end up in the corner while they would have my prime seat…No, no and no…get there earlier like l did. I am glad you managed to enjoy the second half at least…

    • Yes, it is a shame. Although to be honest I always thought that people who are going to the opera are more civilised… But I was mistaken… The most annoying thing is that they didn’t have to come and they even paid for it… What’s the point then?

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