Birgu by candlelight

Around 2 weeks ago there was a festival in Birgu (Vittoriosa)  and on one night of the festival the whole city  was lighted only by candles which made you feel like being in Middle Ages. It reminded me of the times of Robin Hood which is one my favourite character ever maybe except of Indiana Jones.  I know that Vittoriosa is not exactly the Nottingham city but the whole feeling of being in a closed city with castles, palaces and high walls made me think about the stories of Robin Hood.
There was entertainment –  various musicians were playing, also unpretentious and tasty food was served.  I tried the local plate which consisted of all the best of Maltese snacks for just 7 euro along with a glass of wine and enjoyed my meal in the nice company on the top of the defense walls of Brigg with views of the other 3-cities and Valletta.
Some of the residents opened their doors to their homes and you could visit them in the candlelight which was quite an experience.  Most of  these houses look quite modest from outside but when you enter you are surprised to see marble floors,  crystal chandeliers and antiques.  Quite spectacular!


Inside of someone's home


And the other one


City walls


One of the houses


One of the narrow street lighted only by candles




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