Archbishop square in Mdina- open concert

Last year I had a chance to enjoy the open air concert in Valletta on St.  George Square.  This year I attended classical voice recital which took place in archbishop Square in Mdina.


Mdina main gate at night

The night was warm and balmy,  no one could choose a better place to have a classical recital.


One of the narrow cobbled street

The first part of the recital was  mainly devoted to Lied (songs)  and the second part to opera arias  and Duett .



I was seating quite far from the stage but still manage to hear the beautiful sounds of the voice and piano.  During the first part,  I wasn’t so convinced about the acoustics.  I think performance of the Lied is more suitable to take place in more intimate area and in more enclosed space.  But the sounds of the 2nd part with all the different opera arias and duets was great and like it should be.  It was also nice to recognise the pieces I played before- some of them quite recently at the German workshops MTB.
The singers and pianist were quite remarkable and I really enjoyed the night out there.  I am so pleased that I live here in the Mediterranean so that open air classical concerts can be a part of the cultural experience.


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