Back on the island- 9th Qormi Wine Festival and etc.

I am finally back on the island permanently and now I can find time to update the blog which I have abandoned recently due to holidays.
After week spent in UK visiting my partner’s parents and not only- few posts about this are coming soon- I am coming back to reality and getting ready to start teaching again. My piano was just fixed recently, it seems that the dust can even destroy the digital weighted keys pianos and my piano corner has been cleaned and refurbished ready to get new students. I am starting also a new programme for very young ones and I am excited to see how it works out. Any of you following me in Malta might be able to have a go by clicking here🙂 
But coming back to Qormi Wine Festival- I was quite looking forward to it during my time away as I knew it would be the only one festival I would be able to attend ( I missed the Delicata and Marsovin ones which were held earlier in the summer). We decided to drive there and it was a major mistake. First, we weren’t sure where excatly it was located. When I finally found out it was located on Main street but of course on apple maps you have all the names in English and unfortunately my Maltese is still far from perfect so I checked on Google translate – principali but later on we found out that the proper translataions would be Triq Il- Kbira….Oh well…We drove around for hour or so and we coudn;t find a place to park. When finally we ecided to do so, we parked in a spot hat we definitely couldn’t leave the car there for overnight which meant my partner wasn’t going to enjoy wine as much as he would like to…Oww …





where you can purchase you 12 euro worth glass for unlimited wine and 7 euro ticket for a meal


the sweets you could buy

The choice of the wines was amazing as always , there were bands playing, people selling their handcrafted stuff. Overall, it was very enjoable experience .
On the other hand, I am back to cooking which I missed a lot. And my first meal was mussels in wine and garlic which I really missed not having when I was abroad . It was the first time I managed to prepare them at home and they were as delicious or even better than in the restaurants. Now I will do them more often. In Azzopardi fishery you can buy a kilo for 5.60 euros so it is much more worth to do it at home than order in the restaruant which cost you a tenner for a small portion.


fresh ingredients


the bubbling wine sauce


ready to eat


2 thoughts on “Back on the island- 9th Qormi Wine Festival and etc.

  1. Hello,
    Welcome back!!!! The mussels look delicious! Where is the Azzopardi fishery near here? We are in Msida so l am sure it’ll be the same one. We used to shop at the one in SPB when we lived in Xemxija . I agree, better to make it at home..

    • The mussels not only looked but also tasted delicious:) The Azzopardi fisheries are around the whole island . The one I am going to is on Tas- Sliema. This is the street that goes from Gzira Strand towards the big roundabout to San Gwann.

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