Waterpolo finals in BOV cup- Sliema vs. Valletta

Yesterday, we went to the waterpolo cup finals. We live near National Swimming Pool so quite often we hear the noises coming from there and see the crowd going to the waterpolo games but so far we have’t had a chance to go.
We went quite late and when we arrived there was a big queue in front of the ticket booth. At some point one guy pushed through and started buing tickets. Most of the people waiting got annoyed but to our amazement that man when he finished his purchase , he started selling just bought tickets at it’s regular price, not making any proft. He was just doing it to help the cashier and the crowds waiting to get in. I was so surprised as in Poland unfortunately , you won’t find someone doing similar thing for no reason or profit.


the start of the game

The match itself was very exciting. We chose to support Sliema as it is the closest town to ours and it happened to be a good choice eventually. Each part of the game consists of 8 minutes with two 2 minutes break and one 5 minutes. After regular time, there was a draw so two sets of 5 mintues were added. Then afterwards, it was still a draw, so the penalties ( like in football ) started. After 5 penaltiese, there was still the draw so the game moved to sudden death- who scores the penalty while the other one doesn’t- wins. And Sliema won. 17-16….What a game!



one of the goals



and Sliema wins

What I like about sports in Malta is that it is always a family- friendly event. There are no fights or scandals . It is just a nice way to spend time with the family and friends. So different from the other countries…


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