MTB coming to an end

It is the last week of the MTB experience and just 4 more days of work/learning experience left. The third week was pretty busy- full of accompanying the lessons, attending the staging rehearsals and finished with a concert on Friday night. Thanks to one of the vocal coaches, we had private lessons with her which really made an impact on our playing and perception of what does it mean to collaborate and accompany. We had 2 sessions with her which she did in her own time and I wished there were more. Actually, when I signed up for this program, I was expecting that we will have that sort of lessons because that is the way for us pianist to become better collaborators. Some of the things you cannot just absorb by accompanying at the lessons- the vocal teachers do not give us any comments whatsoever,as we are not important there or while playing during staging rehearsals. I learnt a lot of new pieces but I wished I would have learnt more how to actually play them…

I am looking forward to going to Poland now and see my family and friends. I am in a state that I do not really care if I take part in the last concert, I sort of had enough…And next time when I take part in a summer course , I will carefully check what I can expect as I would like to avoid disappointment. I met great people here and I hope we will stay in touch, I visited beautiful places in both Germany and Austria, I played interesting pieces of music and for sure I got inspired what I would like to do next with my piano playing but on the other hand , I am  just not sure if it was worth all the money and time I committed…


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