Second week of MTB- feeling tired but inspired…

The 2nd week of my music course has passed and even though I can still feel the focus is on the singers, I am getting the impression that I am starting to learn more. Over the past two weeks I have played / sight read 29 new pieces which is quite a lot. And not only I just played them through for myself like I would normally do but I actually did it with the singers so I know the tempo and general feel of the pieces. I also attended several coachings where I was accompanying and I got a lot of advice how to perform orchestral reductions.

I also know now that coaching a singer is not just accompanying but working on so many different aspects of preparation of the vocal performance. There’s no school of coaching, you gain your experience as an accompanist or repetiteur and then specialise. You can be an expert on diction, staging, you name it. And the knowledge one should have seems to be never ending…

I am also attending extra German classes which are really helpful and make me feel that I’m immersed in the language.

Two more weeks to go, 4 performances, not sure in how many I will be participating and then off to Poland…

I’m leaving you with photos of gardens and shops in Oberaudorf. I’m really tempted to buy the cat designs for the gardens;)
There are few more posts waiting to be written whenever I have time about my weekend travels. Hopefully I will find some soon to do so…



2 thoughts on “Second week of MTB- feeling tired but inspired…

  1. Hi Jazzulka, I’m glad you are finding this experience more worthwhile and these pictures are just charming. I love that you are really living life to the fullest and that you are so generous to share with us. It is esepcially nice to hear about your feelings as well as what you see and what you do. Many thanks.

    By the way, the email for this post did not work. I was so happy to see the post when I went to your blog to look for it. Also the Evening in Kufstein – magical organ concert post does not seem to be there. Just thought you might want to know and maybe send out new emails. I just love getting your posts.

    Hope you enjoy the next two weeks, Christine

    • Hi Christine, thank you for following me even here in Germany. The last few weeks have been really busy so I might update the blog when I’m done with summer programme. I know about the empty links. By mistake I clicked on publish instead of drafts for my new posts ideas. I have a lot of pending posts about the summer here and hopefully soon I will make them public. All the best. Jazzulka

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