first week of MTB

The first week of MTB in Oberaudorf passed and I have mixed feeling. The first few days weren’t that exciting for us, pianists. We played at the voice lessons- mostly sight-reading as students didn’t think to give us the music in advance. In the evenings we had to attend the voice masterclasses which I guess are better for the singers than pianists because they talk mostly about the technique and if you’re not a singer it is hard to imagine what is going on in your throat. On Wednesday and Thursday we had Mr Laurent Pillot giving masterclasses about auditioning and this evenings where really interesting. He is funny, gives great examples and just simply his lectures were very entertaining. I had a pleasure playing in front of him in Valletta while auditioning for European Opera Centre.

After the Wednesday, things started to look better. On Thursday and Friday I watched the vocal coaches and was able to play at that sessions. It seems that singers are the most important here , and we pianists are just simply used to accompany the lessons, attend the lectures etc. There’s no pressure on us to perform and because we don’t have any private lessons whatsoever, I am not sure how much private coaching we will get. We played at the concert on Friday night and I got some feedback about my playing which was good to get.

I think for most of the students who are Americans, Canadians, Mexicans (there’s only 2 Europeans-me and a Danish singer)it  is a completely different experience. For some of them it is their first time in Europe and I know it can be huge. But for me, being quite a traveler, Germany doesn’t impress me too much, food is similar, climate like in Poland etc….I promise that will enjoy the weather, food, German lessons and interesting masterclasses but I won’t push too much to perform- anyway the possibility of practicing it’s not that great and I will simply take it easy. But if I had known more about the whole course as I know now, I am not sure I would consider coming again…

One of the things I really don’t understand is why organise completely American music summer if you’re in Europe. Why not to take possibility to introduce young American performers to the European teachers and just show them some new? Also, why some of the teachers brought theirs own student to come for the summer. where’s the benefit for the students there? These questions my be left unanswered…


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