Lido Fortina

Lido Fortina is one of the swimming pools area which are quite common now in Sliema. We used our deal Malta voucher to spend a relaxing day on the sunbeds next to the pool overlooking Valletta. The place is mostly reserved for hotel guests but non-members can also buy a daily entrance.


In the evening


And at night

The Lido itself is pretty nice with two pools, a bar and seating area in the middle. The bar are items are not cheap and the selections of the meals available for lunch is not too impressive. We skipped lunch there and went to close by Oggi Cafe which doesn’t disappoint. Overall, we spent a great day there reading , chatting and swimming. Just remember to put the strong sunscreen. I made a mistake of putting just 6 SPF one thinking that I’ll be fine because I’m usually getting tanned and brown easily. This time it wasn’t the case and I’m still paying for it. Even though it has been more than a week, my skin is still peeling. So enjoy it but be more reasonable than me….


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