MedAsia Playa and Fratelli la Bufalla- new places on our Malta map

On the other Friday we checked out a new Lido near Tigne Point, Sliema branded by MedAsia restaurant – which has its main restaurant on the Sliema/Gzira strand. The place has just opened and it is offering a summer membership for 150 euros or a daily one for 8euros. If I wouldn’t be going away I might have considered joining them. We went there for few drinks and to check out the place and I have to say the vibe is pretty good.

There is a bar, restaurant, plenty of seating areas, two pools, a spot to have a massage and even few hammocks. Real tropical heaven.

After the drinks we went to nearby Tigne Point to try a restaurant which has its own spots in other European cities. It is called Fratelli la Bufala and specialises in Italian cuisine and as well, dishes with buffalo meat. I opted for buffalo burger while my partner chose a pasta dish. The pasta was all right not too exceptional but the buffalo meat was very tender and tasty. I really enjoyed that.

That day we tried two new places on our Malta food/drink map and I hope that at least MedAsia Lido will be the one that we would visit more often.


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