Just driving around- Madliena, Gharghur and Xemxija

On one of the previous Sunday I managed to persuade my partner to get out of the house because the weather was just starting to have a summery feel. We didn’t have any particular plan where to go so we decided to drive around somewhere and we chose going up north. Normally , we go on on the coastal road when we are going to Xemxija, Mellieha or even Gozo. This time, we turned inland from the main road and ended up in residential parts like Madliena and Gharhur.


Madliena village


view on Madliena valley


Fort Madliena


Mosta dome in the background with aqueduct


Rocks in the valley- beginnig of Mosta


cave in Mosta, seem not inhabited;)

And finally, we ended up in Xemxija where we had ice-creams. I really like this place as it is a reminder of our first visit to Malta. On our 2nd day here ever we drove to Xemxija, had ice creams, went for a walk and at that point we have decided, that this is our place and we definitely want to move here. That’s why I like going there and feel quite nostalgic. Not to mention that they serve pretty good and quite cheap ice creams.

On the back of Xemxija ,we discovered a farm with all the seasonal fruits and veggies.










3 thoughts on “Just driving around- Madliena, Gharghur and Xemxija

  1. Great pictures, Jazzulka. Xemxija looks beautiful. I don’t remember going there as a child, although we used to drive from Sliema where we lived to Mellieha.to go to the beach, so I guess we would have probably driven past it. Mellieha and Ghajn Tuffieha were my favorite beaches.

    Your blog is so wonderful – it brings back memories to me and helps me get re-acquainted with my birth-place. When you post about your travels around the island, I pull up a map, and if you keep posting, by the time I return to Malta, I will know my way around!.The figs and eggplant pictures really triggered memories too. To this day, I dream about the fresh figs of my childhood and how very delicious they were.

    • Hi Christine,

      It is so nice to have a real fan out there:) I am glad you are enjoying my stories and photos. I went to Ghajn Tuffieha once so far and I liked it although when you’re ure coming back to the car park you’ve to climb on hundreds of steps, not so much fun…. In Mellieha, I haven’t gone to the beach so far, I have seen but no tried it yet.
      Now is the season for figs and the other day I made 7 jars of fig jam. There’s nothing like homemade one. I also love eggplants and zucchinis here but have to prepare them just for myself as my partner doesn’t like them at all…
      I will keep you posted about my new adventures although for the next couple of weeks they will be taking place in Germany and Poland.

      • Dear Jazzulka, I will follow all of your posts with interest and hope that Malta will be home base for you for a good long time. It helps me to keep my dream of visiting Malta alive. Seeing it through your eyes, gives me a fresh perspective, and new places I will want to go to when I do get there.

        7 jars of fig jam – wow – that is fantastic. I don’t think I have ever had fig jam. Sounds great!

        Safe travels to Germany & Poland – I look forward to those blogs too. You are an excellent writer. I was only in Germany once, in 1969 or 1970, in Munich. I took the train from Amsterdam, spent a few nights in Munich and then the train to Florence. I had intended to then go down to Malta, but I never made it because I was having such a good time in Florence. I would only have had a day or 2 at most, because I had my return ticket back to the States on a charter flight, so it could not be changed. That was perhaps the biggest adventure of my life. I was 21 at the time. What a wonderful memory. Have a great trip, and thank you so much for your wonderful blog!

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