Wednesday is officially a good day…

Last two Wednesdays I had quite important meetings.  First one was an interview for a part – time position in online gaming company and the following Wednesday I was auditioning as a repetiteur for European opera. Overall,  a busy week full of stress, nervousness and anticipation…

First Wednesday interview went well .  One of my reason of being nervous was that I was trying to recall if I was ever interviewed in Polish and I have to admit I don’t recall.  As the position itself was for Polish speaker there was a risk that the interview will be only in Polish but fortunately it was in English with just bits in Polish.  Please, don’t get me wrong, I speak Polish perfectly, I am a native speaker so, what’s the deal then.  I’m not sure, it is just I’m so used to using English in formal meetings while presenting myself, the skills and qualifications I have, that translating that into Polish in a way that it sounds formal and correct was a bit terrifying. Anyway, it went good and I was really happy that they invited me for it in a first place as my cv doesn’t show much knowledge of gaming industry but because of my partner and personal experience I know a lot.
After that, I was waiting in anticipation for a call and nothing happened for a week.

Coming to the other Wednesday and audition. It was announced only a week and a half before that the auditions of European Opera will take place in Valletta for the first time ever.  These auditions are taking place every year in different big European cities so when I got an information about it being held here I have no doubts that I have to take part in it no matter what. Beforehand , I felt like in old times at the conservatory… Full of nervousness and feeling the butterflies in my stomach. I prepared the extract from Cossi fan tutte, La Boheme and Electra. Because in the application it wasn’t specified how long the extract supposed to be, I wasn’t sure I have prepared enough but it seemed ok. Besides playing, I had to sing along with the accompaniment which, at least for me, is really difficult. At least I was singing the Mozart piece which I knew well so it wasn’t too disastrous. After playing the 3 pieces I was asked to sight read something and they chose me one song by Richard Strauss… Not easy at all, and in the first place I started too fast and had to start all over. Afterwards I had a short chat with the director Laurent Pillot and after 15 minutes in total the audition was finished . I had this familiar feeling of buzzing adrenaline and nervousness. Overall, it wasn’t the best and it wasn’t the worst audition. I would say it was rather a good one and I am happy that I have taken part in it even if it may not come to anything. On the way back home I received a txt inviting me to a master class being held later in the afternoon. It really put smile on my face:-)
Later that day I received a call from recruitment agency and guess what, I got the job I was interviewed for the previous Wednesday.
So now Wednesday is officially a day of good news!


2 thoughts on “Wednesday is officially a good day…

  1. Congratulations, Jazzulka. That is really great news. I am very happy for you. Also I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your blog. I really enjoy it. Even though I do not know you in person, whenever I see in my mail-box that there is a new post from you, I immediately go to read it, before all my other email.

    I was born in Malta, and lived there on and off until the age of 10. My mother was Maltese and my father English and they met while he was stationed there in WW II. My family moved to the USA in 1961, when I was 13, and I will be 65 this month. I dream of going back to visit and perhaps spend a few months there, some time. I have made only one visit there when I was 36 and my daughter was 10. It was so wonderful to see it, although of course, it had changed a great deal. I now dream of going back some time when I have time and money and good health to make the trip. So in the mean time, I read everything I can find about Malta, and your blog is wonderful. We always lived in Sliema, and the last time was on the Sliema front, on Tower Road. Looking at a map our flat was very close to where the bus station called Antik is. My sister and I went to school in Verdala, my father worked in Dingli, and my grandmother, who was bedridden, lived on Stella Maris St.

    I love reading your blog, and hope you stay in Malta a long time and keep writing about all your experiences. I am most interested in the different places you visit and also your career in music. What a wonderful adventure you are having and I think you are very brave and interesting. So thanks very very much for sharing it all.


    • Hi Christine,

      Thank you so much for such a lovely comment. I have never imagined that my blog, which primarily was supposed to be a way to let know my friends and family how I am doing, will be interesting for others and that I will find some followers besides my friends. I am so happy and grateful that you enjoy reading it and that it brings some nice memories of your country.
      I can imagine that Malta changed a lot since you left and even after your visit and I am glad I can show you how. I would really insist that if you have a chance to visit again, don’t hesitate. Maybe not in the full summer heat which is approaching us this year quite slowly.
      Thank you also for all the good words about me and my career:)
      I will be keeping you and all the other readers up to date with all my adventures here.
      Thank you for reading and I hope we will stay in touch.
      All the best. Jazzulka

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