Green places in Malta

I heard from someone that in Malta there are not enough green spaces. I can agree that in summer Malta is not the most greenest place in the world
but in the spring you can still find charming places.


Area near Buskett Gardens

The other weekend we wanted to have a green experience and I suggested to go to Buskett Gardens which was always on my list of places to visit but there was never an occasion. This Sunday was no different. We went there just to see an festival/ festa of some sorts meaning that you can not park and the gardens are full of families with children. We decided to pass on that and just hang around.


The inland view close to Buskett Gardens


The flowers on my way to work:-)

We are still in search of green places on the island. We know the Manikata- forest on the north, the Buskett Gardens. Do you know of any other places we should visit? Please, let us know until it is still green…

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