Horse racing in Marsa

Last Sunday we enjoyed the afternoon watching horse racing in Marsa. In Malta there is a horse racing track and the most popular way of races is trotting.
We went there quite early and the track wasn’t really busy. We sat down with a pint observing the horses warming up and making notes about the ones we liked. They just looked good while running. That was the main thing;)
Then the races started. During the first one we didn’t bet, but later on we picked up different horses and we bet on 1st place and on coming in the first 3 and guess what, two times we won! So it was really great watching the horses and then winning a bit;) It covered the entrance fee and few drinks. After 4 races and around 2 hours there, we got a bit bored and decided to leave. We didn’t want to bet anymore as we were lucky already and were afraid our luck will disappear.


the track before the start


horses on the start line


and they're gone


close up


and another close up


and our winning horse


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