Update on my adventures 6

I have to apologise that I wasn’t updating my blog lately. April was  busy month for me. Firstly I had people over for more or less half the month which was great but it meant I was quite occupied. And last week I had rehearsals towards the Music Studio Concert at SOPA which took place last Friday. Because of the concert on Saturday I had just one class and it felt so good to have almost two days off in the row. I am not saying I have so much work usually but every day except of Sunday I  have to be somewhere and it was just nice to chill out, especially because the weather was nice and I could sit on the balcony.
Now, ahead of me around 6 weeks of work at schools  including accompanying at the ballet and voice exams and adjudicating ( for the first time) the piano exams. Also, I need to make sure that my fingers are working properly and that my piano skills are at its utmost because in 60 days I will start my summer experience- MTB in Germany.
Lately, we started juicing again. Our old juicer broke down again and I am not sure if it ever will be fixed properly, so we bought a cheaper replacement which is working very well. I also got hooked on going to farmers market in Ta’ Qali as I am not longer that busy on Tuesday mornings . Really, the prices and the quality of the vegetables there are great and lately I got back with a lot of greens as well as some weirdly looking fruits which reminds me of Polish mirabelki- type of plums.



also I bought purple peppers:)


from the beetroot and its leaves I made a tasty soup


and a salad from other greens


and these are our inspirations for juicing and blending


green banana smoothie- greenness from kiwis

The only downside due to the summer is that our street is again being destroyed/modernized/fixed which ever verb can actually describe it. For almost whole last year the ditch which is near us was being rebuilt in order to store all the rain water. Due to the works, the dust was impossible- on the cars, windows etc. Last week , it seemed they finished it and we were quite excited about that as they were supposed to make the top of the water reservoir as a sort of public garden. Unfortunately, this idea was abandoned and the city council has decided to turn it into a…car park…Really, such a stupid idea as our street is one of the few places where you can easily park because it is next to the swimming pool where is a big car park. To make the matter worse, they now need to build a tunnel through the field to the water reservoir which is supposed to take them another six months and block half of the street. Brilliant….


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