Malta vs Italy football match

Last Tuesday I went to my second football game in Malta. This time it was Malta versus Italy. As we are very close to Italy and many Italians live here, we were expecting more Italian supporters but the crow was mostly Maltese.




And the panoramic view of the stadium

Unfortunately, Malta lost 2-0 and the first goal happened in the first ten minutes scored by Mario Balottelli as well as the second one. The Maltese crowds were booing every time he touched the ball and also had some quite mean rhymes regarding him which I won’t mention here;)
Overall,it was an interesting experience to be in such a crowd supporting their team even though they do not have a lot of chances to get out of the group. But The Maltese are quite proud of their players as they are regular people who have normal jobs on daily basis not like other national teams where the players are professionals and well paid.



We bought a flag to support the Maltese


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