Update on my adventures 5

Easter holidays are almost here and I will finally have some time to catch my breath;) That’s what was keeping me occupied lately:

1. Last days at school which means wrapping up the term two both in paper work and in actual lessons…I gave out the concert pieces and assessments which I always find really hard to write. Not only because I have to write it in English, I just simply never know how honest I should be there…What I heard is that you should sort of “sandwich” the positive and negative comments and that is what I was trying to do…

2. I can officially call myself a quitter…After long 6 months of attending the Lifelong Learning courses- Maltese and Italian, I decided to give it up. I mentioned in last entries that I wasn’t happy with the way the teachers presented material and the last straw was holding the exams in the afternoon which means I wouldn’t be able to attend… I have to say, I feel must happier now and seem to have much more time and I hope to use it productively. I’ve already started my German refreshment course as I will definitely need it for the summer.

3. Last week I played at the Musical Theatre competition in SOPA where I am also one of the teachers and I have to say I was really impressed with the quality of performances from such a young people…
This term I was also a pianist for the teen company in the same school which taught me so much about musical theatre. The lessons are actually castings or auditions. Students prepare different songs and monologues and have to perform in front of the class and await comments. My job is to accompany the songs but the thing is I have to sight-read and not all musical theatre pieces are easy. The other difficulty is that some of the students learn the melody nicely but do not care about the rhythm which makes me quite nervous as I have to anticipate everything they do in the piece I do not know. I enjoy the classes immensely even though sometimes I am the one who is scared and I am the teacher;)

4. I will be accompanying at the Trinity Distinction concert which will be held in Birkirkara on 3rd, 4th and 5th April. I have around 20 students to play with and last week and this one I am scheduling rehearsals like crazy so my calendar is full which is great. Even next week although I won’t have school, I still will have at least 2 rehearsals and private lessons as well.

5. I am really enjoying teaching motivated adults how to play piano. Their questions sometimes leave me speechless and have to really think what to answer. Kids take everything for granted but adults want to know…Sometimes, they have to accept that is like that because it is;) I am also preparing one of the students for Grade 5 theory ABRSM and it reminds me the times when I was in high school studying it…It is a sort of knowledge that I have but I do not use it everyday or without thinking and now I have past papers in front of me ready to be filled in….

6. The least but not least important is the fact that in April my house will have a lot of guests. Firstly, during Easter my two friends (violinists with Lodz Philharmonic Orchestra) will be staying with me and then week after my Mum and her friend….Can’t wait…I am already planning our excursions and activities.


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