Il-Bahrija and surroundings

Today we took our new (old)  car for a drive.  It was still too chilly to drive with open roof but still it was fun to drive in 4×4.  A friend of my partner’s is going to buy a flat in Il-Bahrija which seemed the end of the world for us.  Today we didn’t have anything better to do, so we went  for a ride  to check this small village.  The place itself it’s not too impressive but when you drive few kilometres further, you can spot some really impressive landscapes.


Il-Bahrija bay


The other view


The rocks on the other side


The view point

Lately, my blog hit more than 100 views in one day.  It’s a great thing  but on the other side it  makes me feel that my posts should be better and more worth watching.  It’s putting more responsibilities/pressure on me.  Especially, if you think that English it’s not my first language…. I’ll try to do my best…


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