Lifelong Learning in Malta 3

I have been attending the Italian and Maltese classes for almost 6 months which means I just have 2 more months to finish the courses and I am really on the edge of quitting…Starting from the beginning of the year I missed some classes because I was sick and you know what, actually I did not miss anything..Does it sound strange? Especially Italian lessons are conducted in such a way that sometimes we waste the whole hour and then start doing something productive in the last 10 minutes . Rubbish. In all, I missed at least 5 lessons , not all of them in the row but when I joined the classes again, it seemed I didn’t miss anything as we were still wasting time doing nothing…and I know better ways of wasting time at 8am, believe me. So today as a sign of protest, I did not go to Italian, I will see if I miss anything.
Maltese lessons, on the other hand, seem to introduce something new every lesson but then again the method of giving us homework consisting of 1-2 pages with half of the stuff I do not understand and then correcting the homework on the whole next lessons, doesn’t really appeal to me…I have been trying to do my work at home but because we never really studied nouns, without Google translate, I am lost. It is not enough to be given tables of verbs or prepositions. I cannot construct a sentence without knowing the nouns and our teacher assumes that we do but some of us do not have Maltese family and do not work in Maltese speaking environment…
I guess I would still survive all of it because I thought I will take an exam and at least whatever I learnt , it will be also confirmed with the certificate but no…The exams will be taking place at the end of May/ beginning of June in the afternoon as all the students from the island who have been studying the subject will take part. The whole idea of me taking the classes was  that they were taking place in the mornings as I am at work in the afternoons , everyday. Now I heard from the teachers that why don’t I take few hours of on that particular day…Well, it is not possible to take time off just before my students will have their piano exams or I will be having last accompanying sessions at the ballet , also before exams…And it means , that most probably I won’t be able to take part in the exam, which I am pretty  sure I would pass as the Italian is very easy, Maltese-not so easy but I would have studied more…I am quite frustrated because at that point I do no see a reason to attend at least Italian classes during which we mostly do nothing and Maltese, well, I am still not learning that much and anyway, I won’t be able to take the exam…I know it sounds silly to drop it after attending for such a long time but maybe the time of these two last months I can use more wisely….


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