Jazzulka in The Piano Collaborative Blog

Last week my blog was mentioned on The Collaborative Piano Blog.  I felt very proud as I’m following Mr  Foley blog for some time because it has endless knowledge of how to be a good piano collaborator ( other word for accompanist).  You can find there great advices how to become a better pianist and more over,  accompanist. Few weeks ago on his blog I found an add for summer school in Germany for musical theatre and opera.  There were opportunities for piano collaborators to obtain a scholarship to take part in this summer experience.  I applied and few days ago I received a reply stating that I was accepted as one of chosen pianist.  It made  my day, especially as it was during my quite terrible cold.  I already posted a thank you note to Mr Foley because if it wasn’t for his post, I would have never known about this possibility.  The scholarship is substantial which means I still have to pay for accommodation but now I know what I am working for… I have to brush on my German which I haven’t used for.. 13years and using is an overstatement as that long time ago I was studying it,  not really using… Anyway,  I still have 3months to go, so wish me luck:)


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