Update on my adventures 4

Like mentioned in one of my last post, we can feel that summer is slowly approaching Malta. Because of that I started serious gardening in our balcony and I even managed to buy table with chairs so finally we can chill out there. I am pretty sure that is going to be used mostly now and in autumn as in summer , staying at the balcony is quite unbearable.


I always had a crush on petunias, so here it goes, I got more than 7 of them


These are mostly chilly plants which are now replanted to bigger containers.


Mixed salad leave grown from the seeds...Soon it will be harvesting time...


New working station, I wish I could put piano here...By the way, wine will be shared;)

Lately, I had a big craving for sushi and although before my attempts weren’t very successful, this time I was quite determined to prepare it right and I have to say it starts to look like sushi:)


I haven't realised I cooked so much rice so we had sushi for two days....


during the cutting process. As a pianist I am trying to stay away from sharp knives...Unfortunately the other day I tried to cut sushi and it ended in quite a painful scratch on my little finger


ready to serve

I mentioned in my previous posts that I had few concerts recently . It was really great to perform and feel the satisfaction from it. Although, I haven’t played solo, I was piano collaborator ( better name for piano accompanist) , I enjoyed it a lot. I always preferred playing with someone else- instrumentalist or singer , instead of being on my own…But not everybody thinks about it that way. One of my work colleagues, who’s not a musician but rather an administrator herself , when she heard that I am performing at the concert, she mentioned that one of  the other teachers also has a concert but she is playing, not like me….Meaning, if you perform solo, you are playing but when you are accompanying you’re…Actually, I do not know what to say? Just sitting there and looking pretty? What people do not realise, is that without a good piano collaborator, most singers can not exist, the same with some instrumentalists and saying that if you are not performing solo, you are not playing it is just plainly silly…Just to put it mildly…
Anyway, the concerts went well. There was one in Valletta with promising Maltese singers, then a performance at the private event in Palazzo Parisio in Naxxar and then I was taking part in the concert in Valletta again which was inaugurating the taking over the EU presidency by Ireland. The last one ended up in reception at the Irish embassy were I could meet some interesting people. It also resulted in playing at the Virginia’s Kerr- a renowned Irish soprano-  master classes which took place the next day.
Overall, last few weeks were busy and eventful but I am happy to be back to normal, especially that I got few new students and quite interesting ones. Two adults and Asian siblings which are quite advanced. All of them are quite motivated and it is really nice to teach people like that.
Now, I just need to survive 3 weeks at schools but fortunately, every week I have one odd day off and then I will be having two weeks off for Easter holidays . I am really looking forward to that as first of all, I will be having over my two best girlfriend an then my Mum and her friend. So April will be full of guests.


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