Being sick when it is sunny outside

I’ve been laying sick in bed (still there) for almost 5 days now…I thought I can cure myself taking some vitamin C and LemonSip but yesterday after not getting better I decided to visit the doctor. As I am not really sure if I am allowed to use public health care here as I work only part-time I went to St. James hospital and as it was my second visit here, everything went pretty smoothly. It seems I  am suffering from severe chest infection- great, and have to stay on antibiotics and sick leave. Because of that I wasn’t able to enjoy the great weather here. It is sunny and much warmer. There were occasional storms the other day but now everything is back to normal. I was thinking that when I was a kid I used to kind of like to be sick as I would to be transferred to the living-room where the TV was and my Mum would bring some new, good videos everyday. I would be spoilt by good food and etc. Now, my Mum lives quite far away, my partner cares about me but is at work whole day,  food- well, this time I was so sick that I completely lost my appetite, videos- this thing hasn’t changed, I watched my favourites and some new ones. The one of the main downside, besides the health reasons , of course, is the financial. As I am mostly employed by private schools or working as a private piano tutor/accompanist, I am being paid by hour and these week I had none…There is nothing I can do about it but still it upsets me a bit especially that Easter is coming soon which means 2 weeks without school and pay. The time I was hoping to spend mostly with my friends , I might have to spend as well giving private lessons to those ones who want to continue playing during holidays to make up for this week. But enough complaining, I am feeling that antibiotic is starting to work so soon I should be all right again.


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