Summery feel in Malta

Lately, I haven’t uploaded any new posts because last two weeks were pretty hectic. I had 3 concerts in the last two weeks which is great, my usual work and many more requests for piano lessons . It is all good news but it took all my energy. In the concert I wasn’t playing solo but was a piano collaborator which means that I had many extra rehearsals with singers beforehand. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed immensely but I am glad now I am back to normal life. I also acquired new piano students which are starting lessons with me this week and we will see how it goes. I means that my working hours are longer and Saturday is the busiest day, leaving just Sunday to chill out. Finally, I can feel that spring or should I say summer is coming to Malta. Recently we had a good a deal of sun and warmth and even the wind was nice, not chilly as usual. It was a pleasure today to spend two hours on the balcony in the full sunshine even though I wasn’t reading for pleasure but filling assessments cards for my students… I hope March will pass quickly and with a lot of spring weather as I am really looking forward to April when some of my really close friends and family will come over to visit. I am cat-sitting again and this cheered me up over these two crazy weeks. The worst part is the longer we stay with Simba the more attached we are and again I am dreading the moment when he will go to his real home….


Simba trying to attack his enemy- stuffed cat named Amber


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