I am always in a search for good pizza and so far I had two favourites.
Raffael in St. Julians where you can dine on the terrace overlooking St. Julian’s Bay which on a sunny spring day is great and is definitely my number one. The other one is Margo in Valletta which I mentioned in the post before. I went there one more time and unfortunately this time it was a bit disappointing. It was lunch hour so we barely found a table which is usually a good sign but we had to wait ages for our order. When it came, one of the pizza wasn’t the one we ordered so we had to wait bit more. Also, when paying the bill, I noticed that we were charged more because the waitress added drinks from the table nearby to our bill…They quickly changed it but still it wasn’t as pleasant as my first experience. I may come back but when it is not crowded and I can expect some good service then.

I was trying to make my own pizza at home but I had some troubles with yeast and for long time I didn’t succeed in anything remotely close to pizza. It was usually too crunchy, to put it mildly, meaning you can easily break your teeth eating it. But this time I managed to do it right and the effect was really pleasantly surprising. The pizza was great , I just need to work on the appearance aspect for the next time because it wasn’t exactly pizza shape..Judge for yourself;)


the weird looking but very tasty homemade pizza

I also had a chance to eat in Cibo which is a restaurant in Tigne Point and we had pizza there as well.



My pizza was with different type of cheeses, pears and walnuts and I think this combination is really nice. Actually, it inspired me to make my own pizza with similar ingredients. It was quite tasty until I got to the last slice on which was someone’s hair, definitely not mine as it was black…That wasn’t very appetising and I didn’t finish eating…My partner’s pizza with tuna was very meh, that’s the way he puts it, so he didn’t finish neither. Overall, the place is nice and service is quick but after the incident with the hair, I do not think I will be coming back.


the cheesy pizza which was good until the last slice...

Last but not least, during the weekend we went for late Valentine’s lunch because during the week we were quite busy and Sunday is the only day that we both have time off. We headed to Sliema waterfront closer to Balluta Bay an the Exiles. We wanted to sit somewhere outside in the sun but all restaurants seem to be in the summer mood as all the outside terraces are covered with big umbrellas. During the summer time it is great because you can escape from scorching sun but now, at the end of winter, when people actually cherish sunny day…I do not understand that. Anyway, we ended up in Vecchia Napoli, place I heard only good things about and they proved to be right. I wasn’t in the very pizza mood so I ordered a starter- breaded mozzarella cheese with rocket and tomatoes and focaccia and my partner went for pizza, of course. I didn’t realise that focaccia served in Vecchia Napoli is just a tiny bit smaller that regular pizza..Oh well…All our meals were very good and I am sure we will come back there again as the choice of pizzas is really enormous and there is one with honey and cheeses which I think might be my favourite.


pizza, focaccia, breaded mozzarella and my hands in the background...


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