Malta vs Northern Ireland football game

Last week I went to football game in Ta’ Qali Stadium. My partner bought for both of us a goal card which entitles us to see all the game this year. Even though, I was on my own this week I decided , why not and I went alone. It was freezing cold by Maltese standards and quite windy. When I arrived there as it was my first time , I wasn’t sure which entrance I should use and for good 20 minutes I was sent from one side to the other. Finally, I got to my south entrance and well, my sector wasn’t too crowded. And that is already an overstatement;) But because there was still some time left, I hoped more people would come and they did but it was still far from being full. Our stands are not the closest to the pitch but still close enough to see. One of the sector nearby was taken by Maltese supporters and not only they brought some percussion instruments but also two guys took their trumpets with them. So whole game was accompanied by the small version of Maltese band. They didn’t have many songs in their repertoire so I listened to Saints go marching in and Scott Joplin’s ragtime for many times but I have to say it was quite entertaining.


the warm-up before the game


Maltese supporters corner


during the game


Maltese supporters marching through the sector

I am a bit embarrased to say that at some point the Irish had the corner kick and the ball ended up in the net and I was so sure they scored that till the end of the game I thought poor Maltese, they were playing pretty well but this goal in the beginning messed up their chances. Then few days after I am telling that to my partner who came back from abroad and he is checking it in internet and there it clearly says 0:0…Well, I have nothing to say about that…How on Earth did I miss it the fact that the goal wasn’t real…Let’s leave it there.. Next game is at the end of March against Italy and it should be much warmer here by then. Besides, they are many Italians around so it might be quite a crowd:)


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