One year in Malta

On Wednesday I was celebrating 1 year anniversary of living in Malta…Exactly one year ago we disembarked the Virtue  Ferry which was one of our worst sea experiences for both us, which for quite a seafarers as us, it is not easy:-)
Because my partner was in London due to work commitments I had to do t on my own. I chose our favourite restaurant- Raphael in St. Julian’s. This is the place where pizza never disappoints and when it is sunny you can have a chance to have a meal in the nicest surroundings, in my opinion…I’m pretty sure, i will have to come back this weekend, to celebrate again with my partner, but then, lucky me, I will be having an extra meal in this cute place.
The view from the terrace never disappoints me, especially on sunny warm day…



And the view from other side of the bay with Rafael restaurant in the middle

I had pizza, as always, but this time I tried the Marinara.


It was very tasty, maybe a bit watery. I guess the oil or water from tuna should be removed beforehand. Although, it was a big meal, I managed to have dessert as well….I know, it was bit naughty but such an occasion doesn’t happen too often;)


Lemon mousse and cappuccino

I think it was in all a good year. There were ups and downs- finding the apartment, job, getting used to the heat or cold….Starting all over again in a new country and trying to establish myself as a pianist and teacher…It is not easy as Malta is not a big place and artistic options are limited but I think I am slowly getting there. I am happy with my work, maybe next year I will be able to get more hours which would eventually mean bigger salary as so far I am close to minimum salary here….But I am also getting new interesting concerts to play at because I am maintaining my relationship with the people I met on my way. I think in places with small and quite closed community, personal contact is much better than internet….
I am glad we chose Malta as our home and I hope future here will bring us even better opportunities….

For those of you in Malta, I recommend checking out the Tuesday 12th February concert which will take place in Oratory of St. Francis on Republic Street in Valletta at 12.30. I will be performing there with young aspiring Maltese singers and we will present a varied  programme of well-known and loved opera arias See you there!


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