Valletta’s Piano Festival

Yesterday the 1st edition of Valletta International Piano Festival was launched. I attended the opening concert which took place in St. Paul’s Pro-Cathedral in Valletta. For all of you out there in Malta who enjoy classical music, it is a good occasion to see live performances of young and established pianists as well. The concerts are taking places almost everyday and some of them are free.

Yesterday one was performed by Russian pianist Yuri Didenko and it had a quite varied programme. I enjoyed it, the only thing which annoyed me a bit was the guy who was announcing the programme. Some of the pieces performed were inspired by poems. It was nice to hear them before the piano performance but what I didn’t like was listening to them just before each , single piece instead before the whole concert. It spoiled the whole structure of the concert as some of the pieces were part of longer piece or opus and you should listen to them as a whole, not disturbed. Also, if I were the pianist performing it, I would be quite cross with the organisers who broke the artist’s focus every time he finished the piece. It looked more like an event with music and poetry, not really well read, I have to add, instead of proper piano recital without unnecessary commentary. Music should speak for itself…It doesn’t need a translator….


2 thoughts on “Valletta’s Piano Festival

  1. Hi Jazzulka,

    You have a very nice blog! I’m not just saying that; I really like it. 🙂 I work at an English school in St. Julian’s, and we would be thrilled to have you do an article on our school for your blog, therefore, we would be willing to offer you one week of free lessons in General English, which we have available for advanced levels. Please let me know what you think.

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Stephanie,

      Thanks a lot for contacting me. I am glad you like the blog. I’ve never been asked to write a sort of sponsored article, so I am quite thrilled. And thank you for offering the English classes. I thought my English was pretty good but I know it always can get better, especially my writing:-)
      In order to recommend your school I would have to check it out first and probably have some lessons so I can then truly describe my experience.
      How would you like to proceed with that? Do you have specific dates for the lessons? The problem is that I am a bit busy now, especially this month but maybe in March I would have more time. You see in the morning, I already take 2 different language classes and in the afternoon, I work and this is for 6 days a week.

      Let me know what you think and thanks again for writing.

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