La Bayadere performance in MMC and feast of St.Paul, the shipwrecked

Last Saturday I went to see a ballet “La Bayadere” by Minkus. Since working for ballet classes and mostly being more grown-up I started to enjoy ballets and operas which seems to be a nightmare when I was growing up and as teenager in the professional music school, I had to attend most of them… And now what, I am accompanying at the ballet classes and having concerts with opera singers… Your life can be quite unpredictable… But coming back to the ballet, I attended this performance and on the way I passed by the St. Paul’s church. On 27th January, Valletta is celebrating the feast of St. Paul and because of the church and streets adjoining the building, they are highly decorated. As I was early enough, I decided to pass by the church .


the street leading to church


inside the church at the end of the mass


and the front

After visiting the church I managed to get to the ballet on time. It took place in the old knight’s hospital and interior is still overwhelming.


the hall leading to the stalls in MMC


and another take

The ballet was really good. It can be disappointing that the music was from the recording but I heard from the lady in charge of the show that to rent the philharmonic orchestra, it is really expensive. The main parts were taken by two stars from Paris ballet and young lady doing her dance diploma in Malta. It was quite entertaining, I just forgot completely that the proper ballet can be so long. It started at 7.30 ( Maltese time means at least quarter to 8, at earliest) and lasted till 11pm. And I haven’t seen any cafe in the MMC… The other thing is, I am used to theatres with cloakroom but this is Malta. Usually, it is too hot to wear any jacket whatsoever etc. but in February it is quite freezing so all people were seated at the theatre with their coats on…Different… Overall, a good night out. I was surprised to discover that because Malta is so small and less things are happening regarding the cultural life, I tend to go wherever is possible and I have to admit and I went to more performances last year than when I was living in Dublin and I had much more choice…


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