Update on my adventures 3

Unfortunately, there weren’t many adventures lately as I got sick and last week I spent between bed and somehow managing to go to work. I know it is not wise but in my business if you do not work, you don’t get paid, so If I am not dying I may as well work…
Anyhow, after New Year we joined the gym and pool and set up a tight schedule for ourselves and after a week of doing it we both got sick…So hopefully, next week we can get back to it. We also decided not to drink for a month and I have to say we did pretty well.. . Kind of…Today is 18th and we allowed ourselves a half monthly drink but then we’re back to being abstinent.
Besides that, finally, I have some time off during the weekends so last Saturday we went to have coffee and a cake an Mdina’s cafe. The car park outside was so busy that it took us 3 rounds to find a place and then we ended on a windy terrace overlooking the island. In normal country, one would say that 15 degrees and a bit of sunshine in January is great but in Malta it is freezing…


the baci cake, banofee cake and orange chocolate


baci cake

While being sick I tried to prepare some treats to cheer us up. And here they go:


homemade almond flavoured chocolate mousse

And something for the dinner:


roasted pepper soup

The soup doesn’t look exciting but I have to say that the roasted pepper flavour is quite exquisite.

I also did some sowing because we are starting to treat our balcony garden seriously so I went a bit crazy with herbs and different types of chillies.


at least 30 pots;)

I am also ,finally, starting to enjoy my work recently. I am a piano teacher, ballet accompanist, singer’s accompanist, singing teacher…You name it:) It is really great to do something different every day. I just wish I had more working hours but it is slowly improving as I am trying to establish myself in the music working world in Malta.


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