Birthday treats- Bar Celona in Paceville and Argentinian steak house in St. Julian`s

On my birthday we started the evening with pre-dinner drinks in one of the few bars in Paceville when you do not feel too old;) Bar Celona. When I’ve visited Paceville on several previous occasions, we stumbled into few bars but honestly speaking there are full of really young people, meaning 17-23 year old and I wasn’t feeling comfortable there. First of all, the music is so loud that you are not able to carry a conversation, maybe that’s the point. Secondly, the choice of music and the clientele are not my style. We heard that Bar Celona and Hugo’s are more for the older crowd. The latter one is on the main Paceville street, so I definitely prefer Bar Celona. You also can take the advantage of happy hour during the whole week from 4-7 pm , if I am not mistaken and enjoy two cocktails and pay just for one. And they really have a lot of different ones to choose from. We stayed for few round and then decided to head to Meet – Argentinian steak house. This place wouldn’t be the first choice for my partner as he doesn’t eat meat but as it was my birthday, I was allowed to go;) We ordered starters: black pudding for me and scampi for him and it was very tasty.


black pudding



Then we moved to the main meal. I ordered the rump steak with blues cheese and thyme-garlic potatoes and my boyfriend went for tuna steak and french fries. The food was simply delicious. It reminded me the time when I was in Buenos Aires and I had a chance to try the real Argentinian meat there. The one I tried here in Malta wasn’t far off. My steak was still juicy and tasted really great with blue cheese on top, and I tried the tuna steak as well which did not disappoint.


tuna steak


the rump steak with blue cheese

My only concern was that because we had starters I actually wasn’t able to finish the main dish and I have to say it doesn’t happen to often;) Unfortunately;) I know that next time I will skip the starters so I can thoroughly enjoy the meal. We also had a bottle of wine and the cheque came to about 58 euros so for a really impressive meal, I think it is not too much, even by Maltese standards. I am sure I will be back there, at least for lunch;)


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