No longer being 20something

I promised to myself in the early days of my blog that it won’t be too personal and mainly will focus on the different aspects of living in Malta but sometimes I can’t help and have to make more me…

Few days ago I had my birthday which are “almost” on New Year’s Eve…I joined the big group of my friends who have the digit 3 in front of their age….The night before it I couldn’t really sleep and was thinking about all the decisions, actions, circumstances which brought me to where I am now…And of course, if there were the right decisions , actions…
When I was in early twenties, I had some dreams and ideas who I will be in my thirties but nothing really prepared me for the years that came…Week after graduating from the Academy of Music I went to work on cruise ship as a musician. A job which supposed to be a one time adventure to get money, see the world and etc. turned into more than 4 years and 6 contracts on different cruise lines, visiting almost whole world and meeting my boyfriend. Although, more than 2 years passe since I finished my ship adventure , I still can’t get over it and miss it a lot. When I was working there, I didn’t appreciate it enough . Real life in comparison to ships can be really dull, not exciting and sometimes really hard…You have to finally think for yourself and take care of yourself…The other difficulty is that before the ships I have never had a real job before so getting used to normal jobs can be really painful.. Not to mention the money issues…Anyway, after ships I spent some time in Dublin and now I’ve been living in Malta for the last 10 months and so far, so good. I may not be super happy about my jobs but then whenever I applied, I got it…Some of them I rejected, some of them I accepted and now I am trying to get established here in Malta and finally get the job and salary I deserve…
So, in conclusion, many things happened in my 30 year old life, not all planned but some much more exciting than I hoped for. I just wish for the next years to come to be even better and more or as much adventurous but not less…


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