Christmas Time

Christmas has almost passed but we are still in a lazy mood after all the food and we spent most of the time curled upon the sofa under the warm blanket and with electronic devices. I’m a proud owner of a new tablet and to say the truth I am still amazed by it and can’t get my hands off it…

But coming back to Christmas as we are a mixed Polish-English couple we had to celebrate Christmas in both traditions. In Poland we celebrate on 24th December during the evening when we serve 12 traditional,meat-free dishes,we are waiting for the first star to appear and then we start eating and in the meantime we exchange gifts. As it is our 3rd Christmas together…Time flies past so quickly….I know that my partner is not a foodie like myself, especially when it comes to fish which are the main dish in Polish Christmas so I decided to take it easy this year and we had some fishy starters to begin with- smoked salmon, shrimp salad and spiced herrings, then wild mushroom soup and we finished with lampuki pie. Except of herrings and the soup it wasn’t typical Polish but very tasty indeed.


On Christmas day we celebrated in English style. My boyfriend prepared steamed and roasted vegetables with sauces and it was delicious. We still have some left so today we will have Indian feast with roasted veggies.
The weather is still lovely and I have to drag my partner outside as we are spending too much time in the flat. We are kind of feeling guilty to leave the cat on his own but we will have to come out from our cave:-)



I am still learning to use the tablet and all the apps, especially the photo ones so you can expect a lot of crazy edited photos in the future…


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