Update on my adventures 2

Christmas is just around the corner and I am finally having some time off from school. Along with my partner we have 2 weeks holidays which is the longest we had together for some time… We plan to enjoy Christmas, maybe join a gym, check out some walking trails in Malta and the most important have fun a relax in this festive season.

Malta is so pretty during the Christmas season. Every village is decorated in different way so when you’re passing by you see plenty of colours, Christmas lights and other decorations. I especially enjoy my lately discovered route to work in Mosta from Gzira which takes you through San Gwann and Naxxar which are heavy decorated for Christmas. Of course, Valletta is trying to be the prettiest of them;) There are white Christmas trees with lights with speakers attached to them playing Christmas carols non stop. It’s nice if you’re passing by but if I would live there I would get a bit annoyed;)


Christmas parade


Merchant Street


one of the squares

Main street in Valletta

Main street in Valletta


Mdina glass Christmas tree


and the tree at night


Christmas band

We are cat-sitting for Christmas period and are very happy that Simba is part of our Christmas. I almost forgot how cool it is to have a lively cat around the house.

having a nap on the table;)

having a nap on the table;)


enjoying our new blankets


waiting for something to happen;)

My obsession with pumpkins continues. Lately I tried another go with pumpkin chicken casserole and pumpkin cheesecake which were seriously delicious.

pumpkin cheesecake without the icing

pumpkin cheesecake without the icing


the cake in all its glory


and ready to eat

chicken casserole in the making

chicken casserole in the making


and on the plate served with mashed potatoes

I also tried to prepare the Maltese kusksu soup with broad bean which I tried at friend’s house but it wasn’t such a success…

we had to add balsamic to make a bit tastier:(

we had to add balsamic to make a bit tastier:(

Sometimes, being a teacher is not that bad. Because of Christmas I lately got plenty of sweets, wine and other small gifts which is a nice touch. I think I won’t be preparing anything sweet for now because more than 5 boxes of chocolates it’s more than enough:) I am so looking forward to these 2 weeks and I hope I will rejuvenate my energy for the New Year:)


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