Gingerbread Bath & Body Workshop in Soap Cafe

On Friday I started my day with the workshop in Soap Cafe. There were supposed to be four of us there, but two girls canceled at the last minute so it was just me and the other lady- a Russian aroma therapist living in Malta for the last 20 years. Thanks to absence of the others we had the full attention of Charlene who introduced us to the technique of soap making and bath bombs.

We started with the soaps. Charlene brought two big buckets each containing paraffin free soap- the white and transparent one.

The buckets with soap and other necessary utensils

The buckets with soap and other necessary utensils


The transparent soap


and white one or other way around, not so sure now;)

and white one or other way around, not so sure now;)


Then she explained the basics of making the soap:

  1. You heat the soap to melt on the gas stove or in our case in the microwave. You don’t allow it to boil.
  2. When the soap is heated you add the fragrance. We had a special Christmasy one  prepared for us. You add the colours which were the special colours made for the cosmetics but you can also use the natural ones which can be found in herbs or spices.
  3. Then is actually up to you in which shape you want your soap. You can use different molds similar to ones we use when baking.

    silicon moulds used for baking or soap making:)

    silicon molds used for baking or soap making:)

  4. We learned that you can make different layers of soap in different colours and then use them in other soaps as the inside. You can also make a certain shape and then afterwards you put in different mold and cover it with transparent soap so it is embedded.a small layer of soap to be used in embedding or just as past of different soap
    a gingerbread man made by Charlene on the spot

    a gingerbread man made by Charlene on the spot

    my Christmas tree

    my Christmas tree

    and a star

    and a star


    and how it looks like when it is embedded in transparent soap


The last thing to do is to let the soap cool down- on its own or you can just put it in the fridge.

And these are the effects. Unfortunately, it seems you really need to watch the temperature of the soap as even during the embedding if the soap is to hot your shape inside can disappeared…Like it happened to me:(


here is a star inside…


here we have a Christmas tree…



the gingerbread man the red side

the gingerbread man the red side

and his blue side

and his blue side

After the soaps we only had time to work on bath bombs although in the workshop we were supposed to prepare body scrub as well but we were too much into making soap and it took us a lot of time.

The bath bomb making seems quite simple and actually quite possible to do at home. What you need is carbonated soda and citric acid. Ingredients that we usually have in the kitchen. You mix in proportions 2:1- more carbonated soda than citric acid. Then you add two spoons of oil, can be even olive oil, then the fragrance and colours like in the soap making. After that you gradually add water to make it more sticky but it seems the right structure of it is the key success. When  it is the right feel, you simply put them again in some sorts of mold then quickly take them out. It reminds me making the sand cakes while I was a kid on the beach. That part was really tricky for me. I am not sure if I managed to make more than one properly and what I got I owe to Charlene who helped me with that.

the making of bath bombs

the making of bath bombs


bath bombs







And these our products after the workshop:

our handmade products

our handmade products

It was a delightful morning and a great way to start a day. I wish I could stay longer but unfortunately I had to go to work after 2,5 hours…

Needles to say, The Soap Cafe is a great place to visit, buy, chat to Charlene and learn a bit more about soaps and other beauty products.

IMG_20121214_130332 IMG_20121214_130337 IMG_20121214_130423




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