Chocolate tasting in Angelica

Today with a friend we had a chance to take part in chocolate workshop offer by the lovely Angelica Cafe in Valletta. You had to book in advance and pay 10euros which was redeemable against purchases of chocolates. The event was supposed to start at 11.30 but we waited till 12 to make sure all the participant were there. I think in Malta and in all Mediterranean countries the time is the abstract thought;)

Then we were invited upstairs and there we listen to lecture given by Loredana Ligori from Guido Gobino chocolate artisan laboratory/ factory, hard to say how should you name it as it combines the artisan way of producing chocolate with the newest technology available. Loredana was a great example of a person who eats chocolate and still stays healthy, slim and happy. She was telling us the stories how chocolate is made in her factory. How they choose the best ingredients possible eg. they have their own hazelnut fields where they get their nuts from. It seemed that only very exotic products like cocoa beans, cinnamon, ginger they export but whenever they can use their Italian products, they do so. After small lecture, we started tasting different types of chocolates.

We tried: Giandujottino Torino, Cremino al Sale,White chocolat and pepermint semisfera, Dark chocolate and cinamon semisfera, Dried Thai ginger and dark chocolate and last but not least, the ripieni with vermouth or campari. After the tasting we were asked to decide which one was our favourite and I have to say it was a tough call. All of them were exquisite in taste, handmade and delicious. If I have to choose I would go with the ginger ones, alcohol ones and the classic giandujottino.

I ended up with purchases of dried ginger, alcohol infused chocolates and the selections of ganaches. I have enough chocolates tasting for today but I am looking forward to the festive season and a good piece of chocolate a day.

the classic giandujotto and alcohol infused ones

the classic giandujotto and alcohol infused ones


the creamy chocolate with sweet salt and virgin olive oil


the selections of chocolate available to purchase in Angelica


the history behind the giandujotti



2 thoughts on “Chocolate tasting in Angelica

    • So I just missed you then..I saw your post, brilliant photos. I was too focused on trying the chocolates that I just took the photos afterwards;) I bought the mixed pralines and ginger and alcohol ones which I mixed with a friends. They are expensive but you pay for the quality. Did you hear that there are Christmas and New Year’s parties at Angelica for a tenner is champagne and cupcakes. I’m thinking about it;)

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