Working in official way…

Today I went to sign a contract to start my official employment with the state school. I needed all different documents including police conduct certificate which I didn’t have. Fortunately, it was very easy to obtain. You just go to Police HQ in Floriana, show your ID, pay €2.50 and here you go. This was the easiest part…
Later on I was faced with different type of papers I needed to fill in. It was going pretty well until I checked my actual contract and some hours were missing. I said I can’t sign it the way it is and we started correcting it. Unfortunately, they couldn’t correct right away because one of the important persons who signs the contract as well wasn’t present so they suggested that I should come over one more time. I guess I looked pretty unhappy when I heard that I might be dragged there one more time and it can eventually delay my salary… Finally, they found out that the guy in charge is coming to the office and can sign the paper, I just needed to wait. After a while, all documents were signed and I enquired when I can expect to get paid and that was the point when I lost it… Bear in mind, that I’ve been working in that school since 1st of October and still I haven’t get paid… They told me that if I’m lucky I might get paid at the end of December… I’m just speechless now. Where can you find a job that requires you to work three months without any salary? It’s just so ridiculous!!! And why wasn’t it mentioned at the interview? Yes, we’re happy to offer you the position and by the way you’re going to get paid after 3 months of work…And what if I didn’t have a partner who can actually support me? What would I tell my landlord about the rent? I haven’t heard it happening in different countries. A big minus for Malta…


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