Update on my “adventures” 1

Lately not that much is going on except of normal life and work routine. I am thinking of changing my blog title as unfortunately I don’t have as many adventures as one would hope;)

So just to let you know what I was up to lately, here it goes:

1. First of all, I will be cat sitting during the Christmas period and I am quite excited about that. I hope that my partner finally realise how cool is to have a cat and allow me to have one on my own.I was also thinking that if this cat sitting period end well, I might as well advertise as a professional cat sitter:) Why not? It would be fun for me and I am pretty sure I would take a professional care of any cat. Recently, we visited friends of our who got a tiny cat and I have to admit we were taken with him.

his fluffiness in all its glory


and with the big dog;)


and some cat and dog action


2. I’ve started keeping a cat food in my purse….Yes, I know it sounds bit crazy but I’ve never said I’m normal;) I’m buying some sort of cat delight and sharing it with some stray cats. I already have some favourite cats;)

the friendly cats on Rue D’Argent


and other shot of them


These are the cat bunch near my work in Swatar.


A lazy cat in Valletta


3. Pumpkin season in its full glory:) Recently you can get all sorts of pumpkins at the local grocery stand and I am taking full advantage of it and trying to prepare different dishes with this ingredient.

pumpkin soup


pumpkin cake


For those of you who are following me , I am not sure if I mentioned that most of my cooking inspirations I get from the Polish website www.kwestiasmaku.pl

Lately I w s trying to bake baguettes and you can judge for yourself how did it end;)

preparation of it….Doesn’t look good, isn’t it?


and when it’s baked…hmmmm


It tasted much better that it looked though. It seems the fault was in the flour and that’s why the baguettes didn’t really grow;)

4. Our car was crashed into…While it was safely parked in front of our house on a quite street, someone crazy bashed into the car behind us with such a force that it pushed that car into ours and that’s the result.

the results of the overnight crash…


It was reported to police and we’re waiting  for the response…It happened more than a week ago and nothing…Hmm, typical;)

5. I’ve managed to sort out one thing at one of my job which was making me quite miserable, let’s say;) It wasn’t easy but I’m proud of myself that I managed to be honest instead of being greedy and just to keep the job because of the money;)

6. I have around 4 working weeks before the Christmas break and I can’t wait . We both are going to be off for 2 weeks but because of cat sitting and partner’s expired passport (being British is not good in that case because I always have my ID in case my passport runs out), we are going to sat in Malta, maybe few days in Gozo might be an option. I am hoping to have a great Christmas and even better New Year as close to New is my 30th birthday which I feel it is a big deal for me;) Even though I am still quite immature;)

7. Oh, there’s one more thing, a lot things are going on in Malta recently. There is chocolate tasting/workshop in Angelica. We have recently visited that Cafe and tried their Italian chocolate liqueurs- regular and chili ones, very tasty:) There is Patches Market next weekend. I thought it was last week and I actually dragged my partner there and to our surprise ( not to his as he knows sometimes my mind is up in the sky) the place where it was supposed to be hold was closed.  But next week here it goes, can’t wait:) Also my favourite Soap Cafe stand will be there with lovely Charlene;)
What else, there are some musicals coming along. A Masquerade production The curse of Snow White  during Christmas and a School of Performing Art production- The Uncle’s Tom Cabin based on King and I next weekend. And for those of you who like birds- check that out.


One thought on “Update on my “adventures” 1

  1. A good cat sitter is always appreciated! I have four of those creatures and love to (and have to) travel. Without a reliable cat sitter it could never work. Two of them are American (a Texan and a Minnesotan) and two are PuertoRican, so they are used to obeying (or not) in both English and Spanish. But their Belizean cat sitter claimed theu had no trouble understanding garinagu – the language of garifuna people, so there is hope for them and maltese. Jakos nigdy nie przyszlo mi do glowy aby sprobowac mowic do nich po polsku. 😉 Good luck with getting a cat of your own. For Christmas perhaps?

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