I just have to say, I hate rain in Malta!!! Why in other countries rain can be even a pleasant experience and here it turns into a nightmare. Fist of all, the roads are flooded and if you have car with low suspension, well good luck with that…Secondly, walking in the rain is no pleasure at all, as the pavements are flooded and the drivers don’t even think to slow down when they see a pedestrian walking by. How rude is that? I just missed my Maltese classes because when I left the house it was raining cats and dogs, but I thought, oh well, I am wearing a raincoat and wellies, what can happen to me? I am not made from sugar, I won’t melt. I was quite mistaken. After 10 minutes, which was actually half-way thought, I was soaked completely from top of my head to my toes and I decided there’s no point to get to class completely wet and I got back home. when I enterd the house,, the sun started to shine…How can I not get angry?


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