Cheering myself up;)

Sometimes there are times in your life that you need to cheer yourself up. Your work is not going in the direction you want it, it rains or again you feel guilty after evening with too much wine;) I guess shopping spree is the best you can do;) at least for a girl;)
Last Tuesday I went to check out Mosta music shop and farmers market in Ta’Qali. I work in Mosta once a week but I never have time to stroll around. My main point of interest was the music store which is supposed to be one of the biggest in the island. It was good but it is not too impressive for my taste. Yes, I’m spoilt by real music stores that you can find in western Europe where you mention a title from the top of your head and yes, they have it in three different editions, now choose please:) Anyway, I ordered one sheet music which of course even amazon doesn’t deliver to Malta. It seems sometimes that Malta is no longer Europe but not Africa yet and they still refuse to deliver to our tiny island, what a shame… But back to cheering up. I also visited few shops in Mosta which are situated on the main street near the dome. Prices there are pretty pocket friendly. I bought some cosmetics, just €10. I also went to the shop called Pricemark where”everyday is a sale” and I bought two blouses for just a tenner:) If I knew that really everything was in sale, I would definitely buy more:) You can find other shops of this brand in Paola and Qawra. My last stop was a plant shop where I bought a poinsencia, not sure if it’s the right spelling but sometimes it is also called Bethlehem Star and is a plant very popular during the Christmas season. The other one I purchased is called solanum which is sort of fake peppers, very cute:)
After that I went to farmers market which I have been to once before but because then it was late in the afternoon, I wasn’t sure if it was much better than my regular grocery van so this time I visited it pretty early. And I have to say, it’s definitely worth going to. It is opened on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday if I’m not mistaken. When I got there, there were at least ten different stalls. Mostly with vegetables but also with eggs, real olive oil, fish, fresh rabbit meat and homemade liquors from Maltese fruits and veggies. The sort of alcohol that you can’t get in regular shops. I tried two different liqueurs- lemon and melon ones but because I was driving I didn’t let myself to try anymore… Although, the local wine for €1.10 was tempting:)
I was bit surprised that there weren’t too many fruits there but I guess there they really sell what there is in Malta at the time. I got plenty of greens- butter lettuce and rocket which you can’t really get from the regular grocery van, only from supermarket and I’m pretty sure that these already packed stuff not Maltese. I also got fresh radish, basil, brown mushrooms etc… And I have to say, I think it was a bit cheaper than from my local guy and so much more choice… I think I’ll make it my Tuesday habit as I’m not really occupied on that day;)
Changing the topic, I hope I’ll be able to attend my Italian tomorrow. I’m being quite lazy lately, not getting to my classes because of oversleeping or rain;)


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